Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome !!

This Camino Gazetteer coordinates all my postings by 75 locations where I halted and blogged during eleven Caminos from 2004 through 2015 walking in autumn and winter. Before reading click on the Map tab above to see what's where. The History tab gives a brief overview of the Camino. Memories highlights some favorite recollections. Kit and Tips lists my backpack contents plus some walking advice. About Me is my profile. After reading these tabs click on the Home tab and choose any place name in the Blog Archive in the left column to read all posts. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port starts my itinerary.

You can also read these posts in the blog, All My Caminos. Written in a book format, it is illustrated with my photos and covers in a separate chapter each completed Camino de Santiago de Compostela in chronological sequence from 2004 through 2015.

Either way I hope you enjoy my journeys!


  1. I have followed your blogs with interest. Thanks for your inspiration and hard work. This gazetteer is very creative and useful. I will be 68 in a few weeks and then it's off to Paris on 8/25. From there the Camino adventure begins.

  2. I am sitting up in bed in Perth, Australia, reading all your blogs. I will take a note of all your recommended restaurants and albergues. I set off for Spain in a week's time, intending to walk from Burgos to Santiago, having completed Pamplona to Burgos last May. Heavy rain is expected on the Meseta, according to the long range forecast! Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring writing.
    From another Margaret, aged 69.

    1. This blog looks like it is going to make for some wonderful reading.
      Deb, from Oregon, USA

  3. I love your blog
    I'm hoping to finally travel the my Camino in 2016. I had hoped to do it with my husband, he can't due to work. I was diagnosed with M.S . In June and a week later skin cancer. Now having chemotherapy for the cancer as it refuses to leave. I feel I can't wait until he retires to I don't know how things will progress. I was getting a little fearful with all the warnings for women travelling alone. Your blog has helped replace those fears with the joys. I wish I could sit down with you....perhaps after my Camino. What time of year would you recommend I have to be cautious of extreme hot or cold, due to the M.S.
    Regards from Canada

  4. Hello! I've read much on your many Caminos. I am 64 years young and planning my first Camino Frances in mid October/November. I was recently informed that Alburgues close in mid October. I've noticed you have walked numerous times this time of year. Do you think my friend and I will have problems finding places to stay along the way? Thank you.

  5. Hi Margaret, thank you soooo much for taking the time to write this blog... I stumbled onto it from reading the various discussion forums and loved your "Kit and Tips" as I am currently planning to do the Camino Frances in early May; and just started to find some time to ensure I have what I need as I will be travelling to Morocco first and will meet a friend in Portugal after the walk.

    I probably won't have time to read all your posts, but will definitely keep it as a resource. I am curious as to whether you wrote this during your walks or after... OR based on your tips, you kept notes on your phone and then posted it on your blog after you completed your walks.

    Buen Camino...