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Camino Gazetteer
.....Camino 4-2008:February 26, 2008
.....Camino 5-2009:March 15, 2009
.....Camino 6-2010:November 21, 2010
.....Camino 7-2011:November 27, 2011
.....Camino 8-2012:December 2, 2012
.....Camino 9-2013:December 2, 2013
....Camino 10-2014:December 1, 2014



February 26, 2008

After Sarria Polo and I walked on in fog and rain to Ferreiros where we stayed in a tiny provincial albergue with a Swiss guy who had worked in the US for 10 years. His name is Peter and he is now walking with us. Unfortunately his pack is so big that he carries extra stuff in two shopping bags. Needless to write that everyone jokes he will arrive in Santiago with very long arms.

We should all arrive in Santiago early Monday afternoon if all goes well.

March 15, 2009

Today Mayte decided to try walking alone; I'll certainly miss her companionship. Tonight I am in Ferreiros exactly 100 k from Santiago! This is a perfect small albergue with only 22 beds amidst a beautiful landscape. Nearby down the hill next to the local church is a very good and very friendly restaurant/bar, Meson Mirabilos. My truly delicious Sunday lunch was fresh clam soup, breaded veal cutlet with cream sauce, cheese tart, thick country bread, water, wine and coffee for 10 euros! What a bargain! (As I wrote in my 2008 blog this is NOT the place next to the albergue which is neither friendly nor good.)

November 21, 2010

Today under gray clouds, a bit of rain and often along a flooded path eventually I stopped at the small municipal albergue in Ferreiros. After a wonderful Sunday lunch at the good restaurant Mirabilos, down the hill and by the cemetery, I am cozy in my sleeping bag happily writing while outside it is pouring rain. How wonderful to be DRY indoors!


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